High Quality Cutting Edges Are the 'Be All and End All' for Your Excavator

High quality cutting edges are the 'be all and end all' for your excavator because it disrupts the hard material and also helps to avoid the wear and tear of the bucket. The cutting edge is an extended part above the excavator teeth. This is the part of the machine which is likely to feel the most strain, which is why its maintenance of this part should be a main priority.

It is not only the maintenance but replacement of the edges which needs to be done in order to maximise the life of a loading shovel bucket. When replacing the cutting edges, it should be kept in mind that only high quality cutting edges should be used because it will have long span of life.

Regular maintenance checks and replacements should be applied especially during the summer months when the excavator is heavily used. When doing your regular checks, you should make sure that the edges are not damaged from wear and tear caused by the excavator machine, and if this has been identified, immediate action should proceed.

Below are some really vital points that if used, can be extremely helpful in maximising the life of the excavator cutting edge:

You can increase the equipment efficiency and productivity by using a high quality edge. You'll reduce wear and tear on your machine and improve digging efficiency too.

The excavator cutting edge should be used carefully and properly, hence why it should be taken into account what the cutting edges are capable of, and what they are being used for. So are they able to handle the particular material it is going to be used for?

Are the teeth you are buying good and sharp enough for ground penetration, enabling your excavator to dig with the least possible effort, and thus the best efficiency?

Make sure that you are not using blunt teeth, as this will increase the percussive shock transmitted through the bucket to the digging arm and also to the slew ring hand undercarriage, which can cause damage to your machine.

Always have high quality replacements ready to reduce the down time of your machine.
All the above points if followed properly can play a vital role in helping you to increase the life span of your machine and make it work better and quicker. Don't take a chance with your machine as this could have a harmful impact on your business and bank balance.

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